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The Instituto Argentino de Permacultura (IAP) was created in 1997 by Gaia Association. Works at Gaia Ecovillage in a bioclimatic designed building, built with natural materials. It has a design room, library, office and the specifically designed seed’s bank, naturally refrigerated.



Our philosophic principle is to Work with Nature and not Against it, designing humbly to recognize its complexity.We also inhance the Permaculture ethics: Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share.

The objectives are investigate, promote and communicate the Permaculture as an eco-social transformation tool, throughout training and communication of those techniques and philosophy, in the different educational levels and in the community in general. In fact, the idea is to promote the self-reliance for human beings, to transform ourselves from “passive consumers to active and responsible producers”.

It is committed to design sustainable human ambient in any social, ecological and cultural context, as long as preserve, restore, understand and conserve natural ecosystems, integrating the different areas, knowledge and traditional technologies with the modern ones.

Servicesiap nuestros servicios

  • Consulting services to particulars or enterprises over the design, planning and implementation of models and Permacultural systems.
  • Technical support for public or private entities to develop and execute integral and sustainable agricultural projects.
  • Training in Permaculture at its different levels.
  • Develop monitoring techniques to evaluate the processes in place.

Consulting and training

  • Land reading and interpretation
  • Analysis and planing of areas, distribution and land optimal usage.
  • Agroforestry
  • Gardens integrated to forestiap asesoria
  • Erotion control
  • Bio-island inclussion into park, gardens and golf fields design.
  • Wind curtains to protect houses, gardens, and productive sistems.
  • Garbage recycling
  • Gray waters treatment
  • Ecologic dry toilets
  • Alternative energies and appropiated technologies.
  • Gardens design and edible landscapes design in rural or urban areas.
  • General design in ecoturism, econeighborhoods, sustainable communities, etc.
  • Corridos and wild life habitat creation
  • Natural reserves management.
  • Facilitate the participative design process in organization and communities.



The IAP offers the traditional Permaculture Design Course and the Ecovillage Design Course with the International Certificate by Gaia Education Organization. It also offers orientation to university students, theists, ecology and sustainability professionals facing a research and training in Permaculture program

Actions taken

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