Fotos Asociación GAIA

To know the Ecovillage Project, the ideal thing is to complete the GUIDED VISIT that lasts for 2 ours, on Saturday, Sundays and Holliday days.


Autumn / Winter 3 PM (April to October)

Spring / Summer 4 PM (November to March)

After the guided visit we share some “mates” and tea in a circle of exchange and questions.

For guided visit, there is no need to book a vacancy; you just need to be present a couple of minutes before the beginning.

If you want to SHARE the NATURIST LUCH with us, it’s at 1 PM (please be here half an hour earlier). IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to book a place, as we cook according to attendance, we are NOT a restaurant and we have limited places.


We only have some weekends to receive visits that stay for more than one day. Please check here availability (in Spanish)

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to confirm previously over the phone if you are interested in staying to check availability.

There is no program for visitors, hence we don’t have programmed activities, the proposal for you is to meet us, know the place, rest and collaborate with some of the daily tasks (as washing the dishes, for example).

If your interest is to learn, it is important for you to participate in some of the courses that we offer. The weekend visit does not mean any kind of formal learning.

Accommodations are simple, with shared rooms like “hostel dormies”. Dry toilets are shared among two rooms; showers are also shared and 50 meters apart from bedrooms.

The meals are ovo-lacto-vegetarian; please ask in advance if you have special dietary requirements. We offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner, no extra snacks included.

The participants must bring sleeping bag, towels, torch, boots and rain gear.

At Gaia we have “mates” and “termos” available, but if you want to have yours with you all day, please bring it with you.

We have the Natural Constructed Hostals with private bathroom and solar shower. We have a bedroom for a couple and another for 4 visitors. Check pictures here (in Spanish).
Please arrive always before 6 PM (April to October) or 8 PM (November to March) as dinner is served at that time.

To check the updated costs, please click here (in spanish).


Please check our basic guidelines applicable to all our courses, volunteer programs and visit schedules.

Also, you will find the guidelines to arrive to Gaia by car or public transportation (in Spanish).

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