Fotos Asociación GAIA

This program is addressed to those who have finished an educational programm, and want to stay further to share the experience for a longer period, while continuing helping in different areas of the Ecovillage. Also open for participants that already had permaculture background and practice.

leñaIt’s important to clarify that the volunteer program is an opportunity to collaborate and to share the daily life with a pioneer small community in South America.

The focus is to help to concrete different projects towards sustainability.
At Gaia we are working hard in different areas, and your help and willingness would be much appreciated. But the volunteer program it is NOT an educational program to learn permaculture techniques.

If you are interested to learn about permaculture, we suggest you to start the experience with a training program, and then if the experience has been successful for all, you can stay for a longer period in volunteer program.CDP 4

The minimun stay period for volunteer is 7 days.
Organized activities includes tasks in different areas: maintenance, forestry, agriculture and community work collaboration in cooking and cleaning, etc.

If you are interested please send an email to and tell us your availability, and we will send you the application form.

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